Ecodesign Special Interest Group

The EcoDesign Special Interest Group (SIG) has the role of fostering research discussion, industrial implementation and teaching experiences in the area of ecodesign. We are affiliated to the Design Society (DS), with the majority of our activities organised in conjuction with DS events. 

The EcoDesign SIG takes an active approach to discussing the actual implementation of research topics in ecodesign to real products.

By being a member of the Ecodesign SIG, you will be able to share your experience with practitioners and academic in the ecodesign field. From this approach we expect to achieve the following:

  • to create an active discussion of our own research activities, based on a concrete product.
  • to show a multi-aspect approach to ecodesign, highlighting conflicting and complementary approaches to environmental product improvement.
  • to further our understanding of each others’ work in the area of ecodesign, internationally.

 Currently, the Ecodesign SIG is being chaired by Tim C. McAloone, from the Technical University of Denmark.

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More information: Design Society webpage


Tim C. McAloone
Head of Section, Professor
DTU Construct
+45 45 25 62 70


Daniela C. A. Pigosso
DTU Construct
+45 28 55 49 42
21 JUNE 2024