Making the Transition to Circular Economy

MATChE is a research project which aims to support Danish industry to increase its competitiveness, growth and job creation by demonstrating how to engage in an effective transition towards Circular Economy, based on current readiness assessment and strategic driver identification.

The project’s primary audience is the Danish manufacturing industry, including their upstream and downstream value chains, across numerous sectors. Industry companies include significant players in the Danish economy, embracing large manufacturing companies and Small and Medium Enterprises. By taking a cross-sectorial approach, exponential knowledge enhancement and experience sharing among a large variety of companies are enabled. This brings high innovation and business potential.

By enabling an effective transition of Danish industry towards CE, a long-term systemic and sustainable enhancement of the Danish economy and society is expected, with value maximization and increased resource productivity.


Research approach



Here you can explore the terminology, get inspiration from best practices, understand industry cases, and get access to a number of toolsBy enabling easy access to the information, companies will be supported towards enhanced readiness levels.



This is the first self-assessment, which screens how ready manufacturing companies are in their transition to Circular Economy. Readiness assessments generate a pool of benchmarking data and provide insights in terms of CE readiness across industry sectors.



A programme targeted at Danish manufacturing companies. The purpose is to develop a number of transition routes based on tailor-made pilot projects for 10-15 companies, based on their readiness profile. The goal is to demonstrate how to transition.


A community for value chain stakeholders divided into Cluster Circles where challenges, best practices and ideas can flourish between people. MATChE aims to foster a spirit of positive thinking and creativity for an effective transition.


This is a MATChE project video presentation for Disruptive Innovation Festival 2017.




Academic & industrial contribution

Extensive amount of data will be collected through the digital Readiness Assessment ( from manufacturing companies across a number of industry sectors, sizes, company types and geographic locations. This data is expected to provide detailed insights in readiness and transition routes, which can have a significant on Danish industry, policy-making as well as contribute to academia.


Academic contribution:

Enhanced knowledge in the readiness of at least 100 Danish manufacturing companies, across eight Readiness Dimensions;
Circular Economy readiness pattern identification based on Readiness Profiles and benchmarking data across and within industry sectors;
Insights in effective transition routes backed up by 10-15 new industrial case examples selected based on their readiness profile.


Industrial contribution:

Danish manufacturing companies will embrace Circular Economy, and be in the forefront when it comes to operationalising Circular Economy.
Insights in policy barriers, which can lead to the improvement of effective policy framework for Danish manufacturing companies in the transition to Circular Economy.


The MATChE project is a joint project between the Technical University of Denmark, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, CHORA Connection and the Confederation of Danish Industry.



Tim C. McAloone
Professor, PhD
DTU Construct
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Daniela Cristina Antelmi Pigosso
Associate Professor
DTU Construct
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